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The Value of a Photograph

I recently listened to a He Shoots He Draws podcast by Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton. The episode tells a story on the importance of a photograph. 

This podcast was of special interest to me as a similar situation occurred late last year. In the fall, I photographed senior night for a local high school. About a month later, a  fellow photographer  informed me that the parent of one of those seniors unexpectedly passed away. This photographer had made arrangements to present a framed  photo of the senior with his parents from that night. The photo was most likely the last photo taken with the student and  parents.

My mother passed away before our three children were born. It is through photos that they are able to get to know her.

These are just a few examples that demonstrate the importance of a photograph. It extends beyond just the cost of hiring a photographer or ordering a print.  A photograph captures a moment in time that can be shared and remembered for a lifetime.

I encourage you to have your moments captured so that you can truly understand the value of a photograph.  

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