What is an event photographer?

An event photographer is someone that takes pictures of an event.

What is an event?

The next question is, what is an event?

My definition of an event is an activity that has special meaning. Most events fall under one of two categories: business and personal.

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What is a business event?

When a company has a special activity, that’s a business event. Examples of business events include

- Trade shows

- Seminars

- Kick off meetings

- Award ceremonies

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What is a personal event?

A personal event is any non-business event. Examples of personal events include,

- Anniversary party

- Holiday party

- Youth sports

- Music concerts

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You, no doubt, know all these definitions. But what you may not know is that the techniques and approach used by an event photographer apply to both a business and personal event. I only make the distinction here to provide clarity in the types of events for which you should consider hiring an event photographer.