What types of photos do I take?

I take photos that collectively tell the story of your event. From my experience, most of the photos fall into one of three categories: posed, detailed, candid. No type is more important than the others. All three are necessary to capture the moments that matter.

The Posed Photo

With a posed photo, the subject is directed and knows the photo is being taken. These photos are useful when photographing groups or showcasing individuals. These are the ones the candid photos are not able to capture.

Untitled photo

The Details

The flower arrangements. The place settings. The decorations. The venue. The food. These are the details. The detailed photos capture the atmosphere and showcase the scene.

Untitled photo

The Candid Photo

My personal favorite of the three. A candid photo is one in which the subject is not posed. These images capture instant reactions. They show action. They express emotion. A candid photo represents the heart of the event.

Untitled photo

Candid. Posed. Detailed. All equally important. All playing a role. All necessary to tell a story. Your story.