Why should I hire an event photographer?

You are organizing a special event. You want to capture the moments that matter. You have a smartphone with a camera. Maybe you have a friend with a “nice” camera. Is it worth it to hire an event photographer?

In most cases, yes. And here’s why.

The Environment

In the world of photography, light is everything. Understanding how to adapt to the changing lighting conditions is important. Does the situation require a flash? Do you increase shutter speed? Decrease ISO? An event photographer knows.

Next to light, is composition. Does the situation require a shot in close? Wide? Portrait? Landscape? Have you considered the background? Where should you be positioned to get the best available photo? An event photographer knows.

The Experience

There is a lot of activity at any event. Determining what to photograph and when is a skill. You need to observe how people interact, how a situation will unfold, and what expressions will flatter a subject.

An event is a special moment. To tell the true story, you need a variety of photos - group, individual, detail - and you need to be adept at recognizing when to take what type of photo and how. An event photographer knows.

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The Moments

It’s the collection of individual moments that comprise an event. To effectively capture them, to have them tell your story, you need a photographer with experience. You need a photographer who can adapt to changes in lighting and scenery. You need an event photographer. The event photographer knows. The event photographer captures the moments that matter.